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The Dog Birthday Cake Kit includes a Birthday Cake Mix Flavored with Sprinkles, an Icing Mix and One Candle, and bone shaped pan.


Birthday Cake with sprinkles is the perfect flavor if you’re looking to spoil your dog!

  • Mix the sprinkles in the cake batter,
  • Wait to use them as a topping on the icing
  • Or both!


We also added a candle so you can properly celebrate your pup's birthday.
Each mix only requires one egg, oil and water.  Puppy Cakes are healthy and safe for your dog.

Ingredients for Cake Mix: Whole Wheat flour, cane sugar, natural banana flavor, baking powder and salt. Ingredients for Icing: Tapioca starch and dehydrated yogurt (nonfat milk solids, lactic acid and cultures)

PuppyCake Dog Birthday Cake Kit

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