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Play time with eco-friendly toys!

Dogs love the feel of the natural Leather and Jute to snuggle up with as well as chew. These adorable Tug Bears quickly become a dog's favorite friend. Owners can play a fun game of tug or let their pup chew away.


Crafted by artisans from reclaimed leather, jute, and all-natural dyes.  Leather toys are a wonderful playtime experience for dogs as the natural toughness and animal texture rewards their natural instincts to chew. The non-toxic “Golden Fiber” Jute ropes are strong for tugging and gnawing and can simply be composted after they’ve been used up. The heavy stitching adds to the overall extreme durability of these sustainable dog toys.


 Not for children.

Eco-friendly Tug Bear Jute and Leather Dog Toy

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