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Dog Wish Bracelet.


Gift for a dog lover

  • Celebrate:  Life is better with dogs
  • Love: Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless they have owned a dog.
  • Sympathy: The memories and paw print of a beloved dog remains in our heart and soul forever.


This charming handmade bracelet with a cute heart with paw print charm makes an affordable and thoughtful gift. The idea behind a wish bracelet is that you make a wish and put the bracelet on your wrist, and eventually when the cord wears out, your wish will come true - so they say!

The bracelet is made using a Tibetan Silver Charm on 1mm waxed cotton cord. The cord fastens with an ADJUSTABLE sliding knot which makes it ideal for any size wrist and allows the bracelet to be removed.



Celebrating Dogs - Bracelet

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